DevOps Engineer / Linux System Admin with 7+ years of experience in the professional field. Always willing to learn new things and technologies. Interested in automation of repetitive tasks and implementation of IaC (Infrastructure as a code) solutions.



  • Python
  • Bash
  • Go (Golang)
  • Git SCM

Linux Administration

  • Ubuntu / Debian Linux
  • Redhat / Oracle Linux
  • VMware VSphere
  • Vim


  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Gerrit


  • Prometheus
  • Influx DB
  • Grafana
  • Kibana
  • Zabbix
  • Graylog
  • New Relic

Web servers

  • HAProxy
  • Varnish
  • Cloudflare


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Kafka
  • Elastic Search


  • VMware Cloud


  • IPv4 static routing
  • NAT rules
  • DNS (Cloudflare,
  • Linux iptables

Work Experience (3)

Oct 2020 - Dec 2022
DevOps Engineer
Warsaw, Poland,

As a DevOps Engineer my main responsibility is the maintenance of environments used for the deployment of Magento 2 E-Commerce websites. I am resposible of Linux servers management and automation of deployments.

  • Administration of on-premise Magento 2 environments for various e-commerce projects

  • Administration of projects deployed on the Magento Cloud environment and close cooperation with dedicated AWS support

  • Debian Linux administration and maintenance

  • Creating Bash and Python scripts for automation

  • Development of various Python scripts for solving data, infrastructure and automation problems

  • Working with full Magento 2 technology stack in terms of automatic deployment using Jenkins, configuration using Ansible and administration. (technology stack components: HAProxy, Varnish Cache server, NGINX, PHP 7, Postfix, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL, Docker, Jenkins)

  • Planning and performing server software updates focusing on the low-user impact and stability of migration

  • Using GIT SCM to store the source code of projects and DevOps tools

  • Plainning releases together with developers and collecting git commits into release packages

  • Using Gerrit and Gitlab for storing GIT repositories. Administration of Gerrit server. Migration of GIT projects from Gerrit to Gitlab.

  • Media files CDN implementation using Cloudflare

  • Syncing backup files to Amazon S3 Buckets using AWS-CLI

  • Administration of Akeneo PIM software deployed on on-premise and cloud clusters (PHP, Elastic-Search, MySQL, Docker).

  • Setup, administration, fine-tuning, monitoring, and automatic backup of MySQL databases

  • Migration of e-commerce websites clients and orders with cleanup and automatic data correction using SQL queries

  • Fixing and cleaning database data broken by bugs and legacy code

  • Automation of preparing stripped development databases based on production data

  • Monitoring of environments using InfluxDB, Telegraf, Grafana, and New Relic

  • Logs aggregation and monitoring with Filebeat and Graylog

  • Maintaining Jenkins pipeline for automatic end-to-end web application tests based on the Playwright framework

  • Performance and stress testing of services using Apache JMeter

  • Design of virtual machine clusters using the best cluster options available based on cost constraints and expected end-user traffic

  • Setup of Linux servers environments on VMware VCloud using Ansible and Terraform

  • Vmware VCloud IPv4 network administration

  • Public DNS administration (Cloudflare,

  • Using Certbot (Let's Encrypt) for automatic SSL certificates generation

  • Administration of Redmine project management software

  • Tracking the progress of tasks using Redmine project management software.

  • Estimating CPU, RAM, and disc requirements for new projects and in preparation for traffic peaks

  • Helping developers deal with local environment-related tasks (docker-compose) and Linux-related problems

  • Working as the first line of support and helping distribute tickets to proper teams. Performing root cause analysis of critical bugs

  • Debugging performance issues and finding bugs in backend and frontend of applications (tcpdump, strace, pt-query-digest, Chrome performance tools, Lighthouse)

  • Successfully working in a multi-project environment with frequent changes between projects and the fast-paced environment with fast-changing requirements

  • Carrying out processes of onboarding new developers with LDAP accounts maintenance and introduction of tools and technologies used in the company

  • Preparation and maintenance of local developer's environments using docker-compose and custom MySQL dump scripts

  • Promotion and implementation of DevOps automation best practices in the company

  • Successfully working remotely 100% of the time

  • Working with clients from Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Croatia using Polish and English languages for communication

Jul 2018 - Sep 2020
DevOps Engineer
IQVIA Commercial
Warsaw, Poland,
  • Using Ansible for configuring Oracle Linux and Windows servers.

  • Administration and maintenance of Oracle Linux virtual machines.

  • Created and managed Jenkins pipelines for various projects in Linux and Windows environments.

  • Maintenance of Jenkins Shared Library used as a common source of Groovy code and functions for all Jenkins pipelines

  • Used Bash and Python to write automation tools.

  • Worked in an international Scrum team following Scrum processes with communication in the English language

  • Usage and administration of Gitlab server for storing GIT repositories. Using Ansible for automatic configuration of projects, groups, and users on Gitlab.

  • Close cooperation with company CIO admins on a multi-team level. Coordination of servers update and maintenance

  • Cooperation with developers during the implementation of the automatic deployment of Java and Scala apps using Docker Swarm.

  • Development of custom Ansible modules.

  • Jenkins cluster management and maintenance.

  • Administration of Artifactory server. Removing old Docker images from it using a custom Python script.

  • Maintenance of Dockerfiles used for building applications. Maintenance of Jenkins CI Pipelines used for building and deploying Docker images to Artifactory.

  • Confluent Kafka and Zookeeper clusters management, maintenance, and monitoring using Control Center. Schema Registry automatic deployment using Jenkins.

  • Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash, and Filebeat management and maintenance. Using ELK stack for logs aggregation and monitoring.

  • Maintenance of HashiCorp Consul and HashiCorp Vault clusters used for service discovery and secrets management.

  • Monitoring the infrastructure using Zabbix, Prometheus, and Grafana with automatic alerts send to Slack

  • Administration of HAProxy server integrated with Consul service discovery server using custom dockerize script. Implemented HA solution using two HAProxy servers and round-robin DNS load balancing

  • Ceph FS - distributed file system - deployment, administration, and production usage as data storage for Docker Swarm

  • Selenium cluster maintenance (Windows and Linux). Maintenance of environment for testing the Windows desktop app with Robot Framework

  • Active Directory users and groups management

  • Troubleshooting problems with builds, Docker Swarm services, servers, and network

  • Used Jira and Confluence for issue tracking and knowledge sharing.

  • Successfully working remotely 100% of the time from March 2020

Jun 2015 - May 2018
Intern / Junior IT Specialist
National Institute of Telecommunications
Warsaw, Poland,
  • Managed WMware infrastructure cluster and Ubuntu Linux virtual servers.

  • Managed an Avamar backup server. Created custom scripts for automated backup status retrieval.

  • Set up and manage of SAS servers cluster.

  • Created and managed a web application for VMware infrastructure monitoring (Python / Django / Perl).

  • Created, deployed, and managed two API systems for Public Data Hackathon (09.2016) (Python / SQLAlchemy / Flask / Docker) Used NoSQL Redis database as a cache for application responses, which has improved its performance.

  • Rewritten part of web app from PHP to Python (Django).

  • Managed and web apps as a sysadmin.

  • Jenkins CI server management and administration.

  • Migrated data about books and borrows from legacy library system into modern application (Koha Library Software).

  • Integrated Active Directory authentication with a private VCloud system using LDAP protocol.

  • Implemented dynamic DNS configuration in private VCloud system using VMware API and Dnsmasq.

  • Deployed and managed custom NGINX HTTP server installation with ModSecurity WAF (Web Application Firewall) plugin using docker.

  • Upgraded and secured legacy Joomla CMS installation (v1.5 into v3.8) and MediaWiki installation (v1.15 into 1.25).

  • Managed and configured Cacti SNMP infrastructure monitoring server.

  • Introduced, deployed, and managed the Gogs Git server used as a repository for internal tools and projects. Replaced the old method of storing repositories as directories on the Linux server.

  • Basic Postfix MTA, DNS, and DHCP servers management and configuration

Projects (1)

Apr 2017 - Current
  • Blog

Blogging mostly about DevOps related stuff at (technologies used to create blog: Hugo, Github, Netlify, Cloudflare, Hashnode

Education (2)

Master of Science
Computer Science
The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology
2017 - 2018
Warsaw, Poland
Grade: 4.84

Graduated with honors. Thesis title: Detection of mathematical formulas on images. Awarded with Rector's scholarship for students with best academic performance.

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology
2013 - 2017
Warsaw, Poland
Grade: 4.58

Finished with 5.0 Grade. Thesis title: Interactive extraction of 3D object from a single 2D image. Awarded with Rector's scholarship for students with the best academic performance


2-nd place out of 7 teams at Polish Central Statistical Office Hackathon

I was a member of the four-person team named Green Droids. During the competition, we created an Android game that was using augmented reality to promote a healthy lifestyle among children.

3-rd place out of 10 teams at Deloitte CTF Hacking Contest.

was a member of the three-person team named MJ12

2-nd place out of 30 teams at 24-hours WAWCODE Hackathon

I was a member of a five-person team. Our application's main functionality was to help people effectively leave subway stations without searching for proper exit


CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator
The Linux Foundation
Licensed Scrum Master
Scrum Inc


Poster: Detection of mathematical formulas on images in PL in ML: Polish View on Machine Learning Conference
15 Dec 2018
14 May 2018



B2 Level


Native Speaker